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The internal ramblings of an irritated man. Cut for TL;DR )

[Late in the afternoon Barnaby tossed open the journal that he periodically ignored and, for once, decided to openly speak his mind.]

If everyone is done now, I'm heading out.

[With that he flipped the book shut. No, he won't be responding to any replies for a while.

Instead, he could be found in Good Spirits for the night. He had things he needed to think about and notes to reorganize. Perhaps a drink (or three) might help him settle down a little.

The odds of that were nil.]
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[That was some adrenaline rush.

Barnaby groaned when the distant rumble of thunder and the cold patter of raindrops on his bare skin pulled him back to consciousness. The muscles in his arms, shoulders, and back ached like he knew they would. The battle atop the Justice Tower had been long and vicious-- sleep was bliss after that beating, that rage-- He fisted a hand in the sand, and his thoughts ground to a halt.

Why was there sand?

Thunder rumbled once more, closer than it had been moments before. Barnaby abruptly sat up, his already electrified instincts snapping him into action in less than a heartbeat. He knew that there was no more reason for him to fight, but there were some habits that would never change. Not so quickly.

His momentary spark of irritation quickly gave way to confusion. Barnaby ran a hand through his sodden curls with sand covered fingers as his mind tried to register the sudden change in his surroundings. This wasn't his bed, his flat, or even anywhere in Sternbild.

Why was he at a beach?

The rain started to fall harder, prompting Barnaby stiffly pull himself up from the sand. He hadn't noticed the book that was lying on it's open pages nearby, just barely within reach of the receeding tide.]

...Honestly. [His voice was weary, exasperated.] They couldn't have bothered to put up a shelter?

[Later that day, after he's settled (after a fashion), Barnaby can be found in the shops around the plaza, gathering his few belongings and proper furnishings for his new flat, or holed up in a quiet corner of the library to peruse both his journal and any informational book that he could find. He just couldn't trust any of the evidence he had, not when it was so blatantly absurd.

It'd be wise to avoid mentioning any large, stuffed pink bunnies that he might be seen with that day. He couldn't just leave it in the shops for anyone to take!]
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1x casual outfit
1x dress outfit
1x pair of glasses
1x stuffed pink bunny

--Outfits should be assumed to come with his standard accessories and necessities. re: shoes, socks, undergarments, his ring and necklace. His casual attire also includes a fitted black t-shirt underneath the leather jacket. The glasses are noted as a separate item because there is a throw away reference note that's specific to them in canon.

His collar is yellow and his dorm is 2-04.
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June 2013

-Glamour Failure + Eva-Beatrice + Neal Cassidy + April Sinclaire
-Pods + Samwise Gamgee
-Finding the Truth + Aleph
-Media Room + Tear + [OU] Luke

--Storytime + Enoch
--Cabbage Rolls + Maya Fey

Monsters Among Us
-Meadow + Tear
-Lounge + Anise + [AU] Luke

--Clue + Enoch
--Proposal --Patchouli's Log


10/5/00 21:27
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It's always open for the fans. ♥
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November 2014

--Return + Saori + Hinata + Grune
--Foolish Old Man + Kotetsu

December 2014

--Frogs + Vegeta

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This is Barnaby's voice mailbox. It looks like we've missed eachother, so leave a message and I'll get back to you soon.


18/3/00 23:50
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Hi! This is Barnaby, the half of Tiger and Barnaby whose socks always match his shirt. Feel free to contact me here with your questions and well wishes-- I won't even ask for your name or address, unless you want me to. 

I look forward to hearing from all of you.

See ya!